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The following tips are generally known and likely discussed in the #eulora logs. A quick read-through may save new players an occasional bit of hassle.

  • Claims can be used only once. After the claim is built, it's best to leave it unlocked so that it vanishes eventually. See next tip for why you might want to still keep the key.
  • Any keys in your inventory that correspond with unlocked claims (whether used or not) will eventually turn into low-quality LBN (Little Bits o' Nothing), which can be useful for getting rid of unwanted keys.
  • It is best practice to lock larger claims (ordinary, remarkable and beyond) immediately after starting to build them and until the building is done. This ensures that the claim and its contents are not lost in case of disconnect or other trouble.
  • Items and containers (craft-tables, exploration markers, etc) which are near your character are "guarded". This means that you'll have to move several paces away in order to, for instance, give them to another character in a trade.
  • Containers (such as craft-tables, screens, toolkits) in your inventory can be opened without putting them down: simply right-click on them while they are in inventory. This makes containers a cheap way of extending the number of slots in your inventory.