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Eulora enjoys a real cash economy in which one Eulorian Copper is equal to 0.00000001 Bitcoin (1 million EC to the Bitcent).

With the power of Bitcoin behind it, Eulora is able to offer players an economy in which their ideas and choices matter in real terms. As noted on the Ministry of Games' page, Eulora takes players' property into account, and the total available loot is directly related to total deposits. It was decided early in the development process for Eulora that:

In general all base loot value in game currency will equal player expenditure (in decay and other costs) related to acquiring that loot. So for instance if you go hunting with a bow, shoot 10 BTC worth of arrows and spend 3 BTC repairing your gear you should see loot nominally worth about 13 BTC, on average. If you start making chairs out of planks of wood, after having spent 10 BTC worth of planks and run down your various tools worth 3 BTC you should see about 13 BTC worth of chairs.

This means that anything and everything of value in the game universe will be backed by deposited BTC - the game will not create gold, items or anything else out of thin air. This also means that the game will not be taking a percentage out of the loot pools.

Differences between amounts offered for items by NPCs and item value as discerned by players also creates economic opportunities:

While all items will have a base (or NPC) value, it is possible and indeed likely that most of them will sell to other players at a premium, such that chairs may go for 150% or wolf teeth for 110% of their nominal value, allowing the player to improve his net results, perhaps significantly.

Rather than charge a subscription fee or take a percentage of players' gains, Eulora's publisher will fund development through certain special items, such as:

The value of destroyed items (such as principally food, which will be required for all players) will instead cover game development and operational costs. For the alpha and beta interval these costs are going to be negligible and very low. Once the game beta ends the minimal cost of playing incurred through this avenue will be roughly around 0.0001 BTC per game day (real time hour). Food will also represent the primary means through which player stats are replenished.

Along with allowing players to put some skin in the game via Bitcoin, Eulora's real cash economy, by design, facilitates activities that respect reality, ingenuity, and capitalism, rather than players' sense of entitlement or a charade about fairness being equal to even distribution of goods.

To wit:

We've also not had, nor are we ever going to have, a situation where the delusional expectations of self importance put forth by players wrecks the economy.

In-game inflation and deflation are propelled by player activity, not forced into being by developers. See the recent discussion of these core concepts on Trilema, in which it's discovered, among other relevant points, that:

Specifically : if monetary inflation heats up, players are disincentivised from buying more ECU, because there's little to do with it, and they are also incentivised to participate in the Sunday auctions, which deflate the ECU in BTC terms. Conversely, should monetary deflation seize up, players are incentivised to buy more ECU, and simultaneously the prices of auction items should drop (perhaps especially in terms of % - with the caveat that one has to compare like things, in which sense the increase seen over the last two auctions is not necessarily indicative.)

If proper inflation heats up, players are incentivised to undercut the EPT, which should make the problem very visible - EPTs can be said to play the role of a sort of canary on this very delicate, and very important, matter (as per expert testimony ECU / BTC pair trades currently at 1:1 both ways) - while should real deflation seize up, players would be incentivized to buy more ECU for BTC. It is for this reason that simple volume of ECU-BTC exchange is a poor indicator of health - all we know is that players perceive deflation, but we don't really know which kind, and the kind is rather important.