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The Ministry of Games (also referred to as "MiniGame" or its ticker symbol, S.MG) is a game publisher founded and operated by Mircea Popescu, and owned by its shareholders. It is distinguished by its correct handling of virtual property, its deep integration of Bitcoin, and its lack of player restraint, found for instance in its encouragement of player-made mods and bots.

Eulora is the Ministry of Games' first title.

Public Trading[edit]

The Ministry of Games trades under the symbol S.MG on MPEx, the Bitcoin Stock Exchange. Its Initial Public Offering in June of 2013 saw 88,096,605 of 100,000,000 available shares sold for a total of 8,799.0657479 BTC.

Special Stock Warrants[edit]

Those who contribute to the development of the Ministry of Games' titles may be able to procure Special Stock Warrants, described in S.MG's listing contract as follows:

Special Stock Warrants (abbreviated SSW) are numbered and GPG signed instruments which create the right for a beneficiary specified by GPG fingerprint to purchase a specified number of S.MG shares directly from MiniGame for a specified price, no earlier than a specified date. To be valid a SSW must be published by MiniGame at the time of its issuance.

Keeping Abreast[edit]

The Ministry of Games publishes monthly financial statements on Trilema, including ongoing updates about Eulora and the work behind its production. These statements seem prepared with a clear effort towards transparency, giving players, shareholders, and innocent bystanders useful insight into both the workings of Eulora and the kinds of developments that may be expected from the publisher as the game grows. Importantly, players' assets figure into Eulora's accounting, giving individuals' property the meaning and weight it deserves --a novel thing among games in general and MMORPGs in particular.

In addition to these, Ministry of Games' head Mircea Popescu regularly publishes articles touching upon such relevant aspects as game economy, mechanics, the ever-evolving nature of the playerbase, and so forth. These can be found in the same category on Trilema.

Reports and updates posted on Trilema feature open commenting and facilitate rapid discussion between the publisher and any interested parties, in start contrast to the meagre communication avenues of other MMORPGs.