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Mining is one of the major activity branches in Eulora and entails finding and extracting resources from the environment.


The initial stage of mining is exploring, controlled by the /explore command. This is likely the most immediately accessible action for beginners, as tools and skills aren't necessarily required (they help).

Exploring can either result in nothing ("You were not successful.") or the discovery of a claim. If a claim is found, the character will automatically drop a claim marker and receive a) an enumeration or "recipe" for the indicated resource, and b) a key to the claim, allowing the player to lock and unlock it. Note that claims are unlocked by default, and that the sweeper eats any unlocked claims several times each day. In short, if you find a claim you cannot mine immediately, lock it and keep the key safe!

Claims come in several sizes, and it's not clear if those reported in game thus far are entirely representative of the possibilities.


Exploring can be done bare-handed, though you'll eventually die scooping up the earth with your limb-stubs. Most explorers prefer to use tools, including Adzes, Hoes, Pickaxes, and Chetty Sticks. Most of these have both plain and improved versions. Naturally, they decay in quality with each exploration attempt, and eventually become unusable.


As far as players have been able to discern, the location of resources isn't exactly random, and there are known "hot" and "cold" spots --for now, at least. The presence of a basic resource claim is at least somewhat likely to indicate the presence of other available deposits in the same area, for which reason many players explore in "lines" near known deposit locations, as though they were following a vein.

It should be noted that skill level and tool type may well influence the outcome of an exploration attempt. In particular, Chetty Sticks are used to seek out rare resources in otherwise barren areas.

Explorers may find player Mod Seis' mining maps and Foxymaps useful.

Relevant Skills

Gathering - The basic mining skill; allows players to attempt to find something in the ground.

Building - Involved in using claims larger than tiny, as a sort of extraction device must be created for these.

Sortage - Improves the quality of resources extracted.

Farming - Not much is yet known about this skill.

See the Index of Resources for information on basic and advanced minable items currently known to players.

See player Foxy Foxster's building recipes to see what advanced building involves.