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Shutdown Notice[edit]

This wiki will be going away in 90 days (~July 1st). Please take the opportunity to copy any content you'd like and move it somewhere.


Eulora is an MMORPG with a real cash economy, published by the Ministry of Games.

Notice: Returning to Eulora after the recent server change? You must update your servers.xml file to reflect the server's new IP: See your OS' installation guidelines for help, if needed.

Getting started[edit]

Installing Eulora

The following guides will assist you with the process of installing Eulora on your system. Currently, Eulora has been shown to work on Linux, Windows and OS/X for both 64 and 32 bit architectures running a multitude of graphics cards from AMD, ASUS, Intel and nVidia. An OpenBSD recipe is also being worked on.

Guides are available for:

Source files for Eulora are also available directly from S.MG here. Make sure you download the most recent (ie, bottom-most) release.

Note that you will need a presence in the #trilema Web of Trust to get an account. If you are new to the WoT, refer to the Account Setup page for details. Otherwise, simply ensure your nick is registered with deedbot and contact S.MG principal Mircea Popescu for your login credentials. This is best done over IRC as described below.

See Also

Eulora on IRC

Eulora has a very lively (logged) IRC channel on Freenode : #eulora if you need help.


As with any virtual world, Eulora has a specific variety speak that players use to interact and attempt to understand the environment. Unlike other virtual worlds, however, Eulora's particular vocabulary and concepts are essential to making sense of things and having a shot at getting ahead. While there's no real replacement for being active in-game and on the #eulora IRC channel (as well as reading said channel's logs), the following overview may prove helpful, and should grow exponentially as various aspects of the game come to light:

Base value - What the official merchant pays for a given item at a standard quality of 100. There are two or three components involved in finding the value of an item in Eulora; these include the base value, the adjustment for quality, and an adjustment for market price, if applicable. Base values can easily be found in player Foxy Foxster's excellent Cookbook. Quality-adjusted base values are found by multiplying an item's base value by its quality divided by 100. Should the item have a known market price (gleaned from, for instance, players' shop pages), its market price quality-adjusted value is found by multiplying the quality-adjusted base value by the premium divided by 100.

As an example, the base value of a Slithy Tove is 5093. If it has a quality of 150, its quality-adjusted base value is 7639.5. Currently, player Mircea Mircescu buys Slithy Toves at 500%, so we could say the market price quality-adjusted value of our Slithy Tove is 38197.5.

Blueprint seeking/bp seek - An attempt to loot further copies of the blueprint (called a sketch, diagram, mystery, schenectady, etc) being used in a given craft, usually via overcrafting. As many blueprints are extremely rare, ensuring that inputs are of much higher quality than expected output when using them is key to having a chance at keeping some crafts --and craftlines-- open.

Bundle - An integral part of both crafting, mining, and their sub-activities. While some (very basic) activities will not involve bundles, extracting things from the land and working them into useful items usually requires that they first be assembled into a bundle. Bundles can be exchanged like any other item.

Janitor/Sweeper - Several times each day, a sweeper removes all unlocked claims and any items left unguarded from the Eulorian landscape to reduce clutter. If you drop a resource marker and for whatever reason can't do your mining right then, make sure you lock it and hold onto your key. Also limit instances of leaving things laying about unless you're standing on them (that is, "guarding" them).

Overcraft - Whereas in most games being new or having a low skill level is of no benefit, in Eulora this linearity has been tossed in favor of complexity of opportunities. This is perhaps most evident in the practice of overcrafting, wherein players with a low skill level are given high-quality items with which to craft, usually resulting in more copious, but lower quality, loot. See here for the seminal conversation on the topic. Note that players with greater experience can also overcraft by leveraging high-quality ingredients against lower-quality blueprints.

Pop - When an activity results in at least one bitcent's (ie one million copper) worth of loot, a message with the player's name, their activity, and the amount won "pops" or is popularly displayed for all of Eulora to see.

Quality - Items in Eulora typically have an associated quality, which affects their value and potential to add value when used as input in various activities such as crafting and mining.

Undercraft - The reverse of overcraft, in which highly skilled players take advantage of low-quality goods to obtain a result higher in quality than said goods would otherwise produce, all while spending less copper.

Village/Town - A meeting point for players, where auctions are currently held, and where most of the existing NPCs thus far are located. Position: 176, 56, 161.

Abbreviations of the various resources in Eulora can be found on the Index of Resources page. Some concepts themselves are typically expressed in abbreviated form as well; these include:

bh - Bare-handed; designates that a "hit" or "run" of mining activity was carried out without using a mining tool.

bv/qabv/mpqa - Base value, quality-adjusted base value, and market price quality-adjusted value; see above.

cons - A consideration, which in turn is a certain kind of crafting blueprint. There are several types and levels, typically denoted when a consideration is being discussed.

d - Refers to the durability of an item that decays, such as a tool or a piece of equipment involved in a craft. Note that in the game, such items are shown to have a "quality" like any other item. Players, however, typically discuss refer to the value as the item's durability.

q - Refers to the quality of an item. For example, 1k q150 cft represents 1,000 coarse frangible threads of quality 150.

qpoc - Quality points of overcraft. Refers to the specific number of excess quality points used in a given operation.

See the Tidbits and Commands pages for useful gameplay tips and controls when starting out.

Game Mechanics[edit]

As a word to the wise, any guides on Eulora game mechanics not coming directly from the Ministry of Games or its representatives should be treated with caution, as there's no reason to believe any given player has either complete or entirely correct knowledge of Eulora's considerably complex underpinnings. That being said, some things are clearer than others:

All activities have a cost

If you try mining with a tool, that tool will decay each time you attempt to explore. If you mine with your bare hands, your health will decay in much the same manner. All crafting follows the same principle, and it stands to reason that any future activities will incur costs as well. You could just stand around and do nothing for free, of course, but if you meaningfully interact with the world around you, you'll pay a price.

All activities have a potential gain

This shouldn't be interpreted to mean that anything a player does, no matter how boneheaded, could fetch him a profit. Thought and care will have to be employed to maximize the potential for outputs being greater than inputs. The potential upside for any given activity in Eulora isn't always or even usually known, but it's safe to assume the opportunity for gain is always there, if handled well...and if a player's luck prevails.

Player outcomes are affected by multiple factors

Early in Eulora's development, it was revealed that many different things have an impact on the direct result of a player's given activity:

The outcome of all player actions is calculated on the basis of their attributes and their skills, modified by weapons, various magical effects of all sources (spells, foods etc) and the effects of the zodiac.

At the moment it is unknown if and how the zodiac affects life in Eulora.

Activities yield experience; experience affects quality

Once a skill is learned (by using an activating item, many of which are unknown), a player can gain experience through participating in relevant activities, such as Mining, Crafting, and their sub-activities. Players can then purchase training in the skill to achieve higher skill rankings, which play a part in determining the quality of results. Note that a player's skill level is likely not the sole determinant of output quality; other factors are suspected to be at play, as discussed in The Great Quality Experiment. The quality of a given item in turn impacts both its value to NPCs and other players, and its suitability for use in further activities.

Quality is mutable

It's not only the sad yet inescapable fact that tools, containers, and the like lose quality as they're used. All known items in Eulora that bear a quality can see that quality change by "mixing" the item or stack of items with others of the same kind in a player's inventory. While this sometimes leads to unfortunate accidents of lowering item quality by averaging two or more stacks of say, harvested resources, it can also prove a useful law of the universe for certain desired modifications. Use wisely.

A click takes time

Every time a player engages in a skill-based activity, whether it's exploring for resources, fashioning an impossible object, or anything in between, a timer is set. Some clicks take a few seconds. Others have been known to take nearly an hour. While it seems apparent that different tasks carry different click times, it's not altogether clear what else if anything impacts this aspect of the game. In any case, the time necessary to complete an activity must be considered, as this isn't a fantasy in which all tasks (feats? chores?) take exactly the same time.

Levels are not capped

Or at least, there's no evidence of capping. Some players have achieved skills as high in level as 400, and they're still going. Of course, training becomes more expensive the higher you get, it seems. And overcrafting will be difficult with astronomic skill levels. Achieving level 1337 might not be the right course of action for everyone, but as far as it's known, it's nevertheless possible.

Certain other game mechanics which are either as yet unimplemented or undiscovered include character perma-death, marriage and inheritance, guilds, and player-built towns, to name a few. Peruse the S.MG category on Trilema and read the #eulora channel logs to read about what's in store.

I'm new! What should I do?[edit]

In Eulora, a new player and a seasoned veteran are a match made in heaven. In fact, new players are continuously in very high demand, due to the need for those with low skill levels to take advantage of high quality items and materials --a combination that results in overcrafting, or the creation of extra (potentially quite copious) loot.

If you don't get requests from other players to take on a few tasks, ask in the #eulora channel for a miner or crafter who may have jobs for someone new. Mining tasks will take you to various areas of the map to dig previously found claims, and are a great way to become more familiar with the Eulorian world and the elements of mining. Crafting tasks typically keep you in town, where you can join the local conversations and fashion stuff out of other stuff as you learn how new items are made.

You should also get acquainted with the interface, naturally. Aside from the menu that features shortcuts to your inventory and skills and such, you can access many of the features of the game with Commands.

Shortly after its release, Eulora witnessed the spawning of a number of mysterious items which, when dropped on one's head, would grant some of the basic skills required for extracting value out of the environment. Those players who find themselves becoming Eulorians after those first storied heroes of toil and trouble must find other ways of unlocking such skills --most usually by asking others, likely in the form of a labor trade. In short, speak up! New players are often given care packages thrown together by their elders to make the initial sting of life in Eulora a little softer.

Though it is not necessary to put Bitcoin into the game in order to play, many players choose to get themselves some coppers. To do so, contact a Eulora Preferred Trader (EPT). Currently the official EPT or "copper monger" is one Grundin "ain't cut me throat fer ya" Goldskull, who can be messaged either in game or in the #eulora IRC channel under the nickname jurov. Mr. Goldskull offers one copper per satoshi and one satoshi per copper, tradable by normal BTC transfer, or from or MPEx balance. Exchange of shares of S.MG is also available.

Many Sundays are market days in Eulora, in which rather valuable items are auctioned off by the powers that be --and often players sell their recent finds, as well. New players can get a feel for the current challenges and how they themselves might be useful, and it's a great way to meet other Eulorians. Keep an eye on the #eulora channel for announcements.

Eulora's Shops, Bots, and Miscellany[edit]

Eulora enjoys a creative userbase unfettered by restrictive terms of service. As such, various tools and features are developed by players from time to time, and should be listed here.


Eulora's first shop, courtesy of Foxy Foxster.

Second Little Shop. Of Horrors. From big crafting cheese Mircea Mircescu.

The Golden Goose


Player Foxy Foxster has put together a mining, crafting, and auto-piloting bot that makes some potentially tedious processes hands-free. Check out Foxy's Crafting Bot for details.

Maps & Screenshots Player Mod Seis has published a number of mod6's v0.1.0 screenshots as well as useful mining maps].

Also see general screenshots.

Offsite Resources[edit]

The following blog categories, posts, and assorted pages contain information and opinion likely of interest to players.

Blog categories:

The S.MG category on Trilema, where MiniGame's monthly reports and relevant digests are found.

The eulora category on Ossasepia

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Brand New Player Advice

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