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Crafting is one of the major activity branches in Eulora and entails turning items or groups of items into other items, naturally. Nearly all non-minable items in Eulora must be crafted by players.


Tools employed in crafting are divided into two major categories: containers and wearables.

Containers consist of items in or on which crafts are completed. Examples include the humble Craft Table, Bandar Toolkits, Multifunctional Samovars, and so on. Containers are associated both with the items crafted with them and the specific skill activities involved; for instance, samovars are the container in which most Gung-ho Gumbo activity takes place.

Wearables are any number of equippable items required to be worn by a player in order to successfully carry out their chosen craft. Any necessary wearables are mentioned in a given craft's recipe or blueprint. Some of the more basic wearables needed for common crafts include penance clogs and chairs for the head.


While crafting can in principle be carried out anywhere in Eulora, players usually prefer to do their crafting in town as it affords fast and easy access to Heina Draggenfort, the skill training NPC. As crafting activity is completed, particularly when players have recently learned a pertinent new skill, levels are likely to become available for training quickly.

All crafting involves two distinct steps. First, a bundle must be made, much in the same manner a bundle is created for advanced mining claims. The various items needed for the item to be crafted are combined in the container specified, and made into a bundle. This should be accomplished in a second or less, after which the bundle is transformed into the desired item, a step which takes longer and varies according to the type of item being made (or so the idea goes --skills and other points of influence may have a hand in determining the necessary time to completion).

Overcrafting and bp seeking are important aspects of crafting technique. Learn more about them in the Getting Started section of the Eulora main page.

Relevant Skills

Tinkering - The basic crafting skill, needed for the majority of simple crafts carried out with basic resources, ie Coarse Frangible Thread (cft).

McGuyver - An apt name for carrying out some of the more complicated crafts, such as the Early Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Gung-ho Gumbo - The skill employed in crafts that consist of cooking, such as the making of Mollusc Cheese and Disgusting Goop.

Lapidary - Used for things lapidarious. For instance, rostrums are made with the lapidary skill. Currently one of the hazier craftlines.

Bouquinism - How could you make books without Bouquinism? Or turn drafts into supplications? It's advanced work, but necessary, as this activity makes it possible for other players to learn new skills with such dazzling titles as "Mircea's Dismal Scribblings on Sortage".

Other skills involved in crafting may not yet be implemented or simply may be undiscovered (or secreted away by successful individuals), making this list best considered perpetually incomplete (like any other list in any Eulora guide, honestly).

Player Foxy Foxster's Euloran Cookbook contains many recipes to peruse.