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Commands in Eulora allow players to precisely control their characters' activity. All commands are preceded with a slash (/). Known commands include:

/bank - Provides access to Eulora's banking interface. You can withdraw and deposit coins of your choice of denomination; this works especially well for making change for trading activities. You must click on a banker (Electron Spirover, currently) and indicate whether you'd like to access personal or guild banking to use this command (/bank personal). To deposit, click on the denomination of your choice, enter a value, and click "deposit". Withdrawals can be made using the withdrawal section at the top of the interface in much the same manner. To make change, deposit an amount, and use the "exchange coins" section of the banking interface by clicking the button to the left of your preferred denomination, entering a value, and hitting "exchange".

/bezzle - A pocket-plumping bit of magic for players with that most enviable of items, the Magic Bag.

/bot - Controls Foxy's bots, if you have them implemented, of course. /pilot idem.

/die - You can die if you want to, you can leave your friends behind.

/drop - Follow it with a quantity to drop some items from your inventory.

/explore - Check the earth at your position for minable resources.

/fps - Frames per second. Useful for satisfying idle curiosity as well as reporting problems.

/me - Emotes your text, used for expressing actions, if you like.

/ping - Returns your average ping time, useful for troubleshooting slow response time.

/pos - Used for positioning; you'll get three values, the middle of which is merely a height indicator.

/sit - Sit down.

/stand - Stand up.

/tell or /t - Followed by a character name (only the first name is required), sends text only to the indicated player.

/unstick - Rarely you may become "stuck" in the landscape or among objects in the environment. Unstick is the first choice of remedy.

Note that the open nature of Eulora means creating your own commands is perfectly possible, if that's your kind of thing.

If you ever get sick of typing these commands, feel free to assign them to a key.