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Commands in Eulora allow players to precisely control their characters' activity. All commands are preceded with a slash (/). Known commands include:

/explore - Check the earth at your position for minable resources.

/tell or /t - Followed by a character name (only the first name is required), sends text only to the indicated player.

/me - Emotes your text, used for expressing actions, if you like.

/pos - Used for positioning; you'll get three values, the middle of which is merely a height indicator.

/fps - Frames per second. Useful for satisfying idle curiosity as well as reporting problems.

/ping - Returns your average ping time, useful for troubleshooting slow response time.

/unstick - Rarely you may become "stuck" in the landscape or among objects in the environment. Unstick is the first choice of remedy.

/die - You can die if you want to, you can leave your friends behind.

/sit - Sit down.

/stand - Stand up.

/drop - Follow it with a quantity to drop some items from your inventory.

/bezzle - A pocket-plumping bit of magic for players with that most enviable of items, the Magic Bag.

/bot - Controls Foxy's bots, if you have them implemented, of course. /pilot idem.

Note that the open nature of Eulora means creating your own commands is perfectly possible, if that's your kind of thing.