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The primary Craft skill. Aquired from consuming either Chicken Scribblings or Foxy's Dismal Scribblings on Tinkering. Greater rank in this skill leads to larger quantities of ingredients needed in all Craft skills, and also a larger number of product produced per click in these skill lines. Blueprints that specifically work on Tinkering require the use of a Craft-Table and no tool. Upon completion of these crafts, experience in Tinkering and Sortage is awarded. It's worth noting that Sortage is not a Craft skill, but is instead located under the Gather tab. No other Craft skill grants Sortage experience, but they do all give Tinkering experience.


Braided Coarse Thread

Chair for the Head

Coarse Cordage

Coarse Frangible Thread


Cruddy Hoe

Demeaning Urabihs Harness

Disgusting Goop

Flat Clump of Slag

Improbable Oil

Indistinct Bark Shavings

Leaky Treebark Flask

Particularily Promising Branch

Pointy Clump of Slag

Sharp Clump of Slag

Shiny Rock Shards


Stone Adze

Stone Pickaxe

Unsteady Scaffolding