Slow Windows Troubleshooting

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Some players running Eulora in Windows have encountered slow and/or jumpy graphics and movement once in the game. Potential fixes are listed below, as discussed in the #eulora logs:

  • Press the t or ctrl keys (or whatever you've set your toggle run/walk to if you've made manual changes) to move faster.
  • Edit your euclient.cfg file, found in the directory in which you installed the game (for instance "EuloraV0.1.2"). See the above link for specific lines to try altering.

All of the above may come in handy for troubleshooting any performance problems on other platforms as well, though such issues are less common.

If none of the above works, consider asking for help in the #eulora IRC channel. Having an idea of your client's FPS (type /fps in game), your graphic card details, etc is recommended.