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Do you want custom hotkeys or shortcuts or whatever you want to call it? That is, assign an in-game slash command like /explore to its own key, so that you don't have to type the command every time. Well that's easy enough, and the steps are as follows:

If you have the game running, quit. The file you want to edit will be overwritten otherwise.

Open up ~/.Eulora/options/shortcutcommands_FIRSTNAME.xml with your favorite text editor, where FIRSTNAME is.. your character's first name.

It looks like this:

   <shortcut1 name="Buy">/buy</shortcut1>

Copy or change one of the existing lines. If you copy, remember to give it a unique number. The name is how it will show up in the options window in-game. The part between the xml open and close tags (for example the bold red part in >/buy<) is the command that will execute when the key is pressed.

Save the file. Open the game back up. Log in. Press O to show the options window. Click Controls -> Keys and scroll to the bottom where it says Shortcuts. There you will see the things you added. Click set to the right, press whatever key you want it to be, and click set in the little window. Click save in the bottom left.

That's it, all done!

If you're on windows it's pretty much the same process except that the file path will be different.